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Jack + Tooth Artbook Scans

I got the Rise of the Guardians Artbook recently, a friend asked me to scan some of the sections for her, so I figured I'd share it with all of you guys. Right now I've scanned the parts for Toothiana and Tooth Palace, along with the pages on Jack Frost. Just follow the links!

Tooth and Tooth Palace
Jack Frost

(Sorry they look kinda dumb, the book is bigger than my scanner so I was trying to do the pages in sections. If anyone wants me to get a clearer picture of one or type up the information written on the pages, let me know and I'd be glad to oblige.)

The book has a section for each of the Guardians and Pitch, along with some art from Burgess and the Human World, so if anyone wants me to scan in some more sections, feel free to ask!
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Can I ask for Pitch's stuff as well as the writing on Jack?
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You are a star ♥ Thank you so much!