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Question about the e-book versions of the novels

Ok, so... I'm going to be getting a Kindle soon-ish, and I was wondering: Does anyone have the e-book versions of the novels? And if so, do they have the illustrations? Cuz I really like the illustrations in the books (I've checked the first book out of a local library) and I'd hate to buy a copy that didn't have them. Granted, having the e-book versions would be more convenient, but the illustrations are important enough to me to mitigate that.

Thanks for any help anyone can give me. (-:
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While I own a Nook, I do know from looking briefly in the samples that the artwork is indeed included. Though, from my personal experience with similar books, I recommend getting the physical copies. The artwork is laid out on the pages and makes the books more visually entertaining, while eBook versions downsize them and limit their size per page. Which sadly makes them less visually entertaining.

That's just my opinion. It's highly up to you. Enjoy the books. :)