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A Guardians of Childhood / Rise of the Guardians Fan Community

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Name:Guardians Arise!
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Community description:A Guardians of Childhood / Rise of the Guardians Fan Community

( t h e   g u a r d i a n s . )

Welcome to the Guardians of Childhood fandom community, including the 2012 Dreamworks Rise of the Guardians film, for fans of the series by William Joyce! Any fanworks relating to the collective Guardians universe are welcome here.

( rules . )

Please put all spoilers, fanfiction, images larger than 400x400px, otherwise long posts, etc under a cut. For icon teasers, up to three preview icons are fine.

We aim for a fun, friendly atmosphere, so please - no wank or bashing of any kind regarding any subject, individual or pairing. Opinions are great, but keep it nice when expressing them.

When making any posts of a mature nature, please place the content under a cut with appropriate notations/warnings outside of the cut. Please remember that there are many young fans of this series! Posts not following this rule will be deleted promptly.

Tag your posts properly; the tags page is available if needed for reference. If you wish to have a new tag added, please comment on this post.

Community is being maintained by Li ([personal profile] darjeeling).
Please direct any questions or concerns to this post.

( links & affiliates . )

The Guardians of Childhood - Official Site by William Joyce
Rise of the Guardians - Official Dreamworks Site
Rise of the Guardians @ IMDb

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